If your practice includes criminal defense work, you know how hard it can be. Criminal defense is complex, difficult, exhausting—but an utterly essential component in a society that purports to champion true equality, human rights, and the value of the individual. As criminal defense attorneys we have chosen this work because we strongly believe in these concepts. We often work alone, representing people, not governments or institutions. Individually, we do good work. By working together, however, we can attain even more.

That’s why in 2009 four Alaskan defense attorneys created the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, an Alaska non-profit corporation. By mid-2010, we had more than 50 members. By 2015, over 200 members had joined. Why do you need this group? Because we offer Alaskan criminal defense lawyers an array of tools, including a members-only group email listserv, as well as an online database containing over 800 pleadings and other legal documents. We offer seminars, short CLE’s, and the annual “All*Stars Conference” in Girdwood, all at a discount to our members.

Alaska is a challenging and exciting place to live, to work, and to practice law. The time is right for the criminal defense bar to stand on its own, to come together, to be united, and to fight for the fundamental rights of all of Alaska’s citizens. TOGETHER, we can work to uphold the ideals of the Alaskan legal system of which Justice Dimond was so proud. Please join the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and add your voice and your commitment!

We now offer the following membership classifications and annual dues:

  • Regular Member – $275.00.
  • Associate Member – $200.00. Investigators, paralegals, judges, or persons supporting the goals of the organization who are not licensed or practicing attorneys. (Listserv access upon request – requires approval of the Board of Directors per Bylaw 2014-3.)
  • New Lawyer Member – $190.00. Practitioners with less than 3 years experience.
  • Public Defender Member – $150.00. Currently employed by a local, state, or federal public defender agency.
  • Public Defender Associate – $125.00. Investigators, paralegals, and law office assistants currently employed full time by a local, state or federal public defender agency.
  • Retired Attorney Member – $75.00. Former attorney or PD member retired from active practice of law.

Download the membership form below and return as directed along with your dues payment check. AKACDL also offers online payment; simply submit your application and, once approved, we will contact you with online payment information.

To pay by check download the AKACDL Application and return as directed along with your dues payment check.