AKACDL Creates Lawyer Assistance Task Force

AKACDL has created a new Lawyer Assistance Task Force. The Task Force has a clear mission of counseling criminal defense lawyers who are members of AKACDL when they are imperiled with the risks of contempt, disqualification, or subpoena for privileged information. The AKACDL Task Force will review your case, at no cost, and determine whether AKACDL can assist you if, while providing legal representation to a client, you are subpoenaed, threatened with contempt, or hit with a motion to disqualify you from a case. Please contact any of the Task Force members at any time:

State court issues:      Cindy Strout (907) 276-0377                                                     

                                      Andrew Lambert (907)  276-2135

Federal court issues:  Darrel Gardner (907) 646-3406

                                       Steve Wells (907) 279-3557

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