Announcing the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

In 1975, Alaska Supreme Court Justice Jay Rabinowitz wrote: “Our territory and now state has traditionally been the home of people who prize their individuality and who have chosen to settle or to continue living here in order to achieve a measure of control over their own lifestyles which is now virtually unattainable in many of our sister states.” Ravin v. State, 537 P.2d 494, 504 (Alaska 1975).

Announcing the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a professional organization dedicated to championing true equality, human rights, the value of the individual, and the fundamental rights of all of Alaska’s citizens.

  • Our primary goal is to provide continuing legal education and legal resources for criminal defense attorneys in Alaska.  AKACDL will present a Spring Conference in 2011, half-day seminars, and regular luncheon meetings.
  • AKACDL’s website www.akacdl.org will offer legal resources to members, as well as public information for individuals with questions about criminal cases and prosecutions.
  • AKACDL is currently working to establish official affiliation with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • AKACDL will actively lobby against the death penalty in Alaska, and on behalf of legislative changes that benefit the criminal justice system.
  • Membership for non-lawyers who are not involved in criminal prosecutions and who support the goals of the organization is available for $175.00 per year.

Questions about the organization should be directed to the above address, or by calling Darrel J. Gardner at (907) 278-1940.

Steven M. Wells, President
Andrew J. Lambert, Vice President
Darrel J. Gardner, Secretary & Treasurer

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