The AKACDL Champion of Liberty Award is presented annually at the All*Stars Conference and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the cause of criminal justice in Alaska. The award originated in 2002 with the Alaska Academy of Trial Lawyers, which at one time included both criminal defense lawyers and civil plaintiffs’ lawyers. AKACDL was created in 2009 to exclusively represent the interests of the Alaska criminal defense bar, and AKACDL has carried on with the tradition of presenting the award ever since.

Awarded to an individual demonstrating exceptional dedication to the cause of criminal justice in Alaska

2002: Jim McComas
2003: Cynthia Strout
2003: Brant McGee
2004: Paul Canarsky
2005: Arthur “Chuck” Robinson
2005: Barbara Brink
2006: Rich Curtner
2007: John Murtagh
2008: Susan Orlansky
2009: Randall Cavanaugh
2011: AKACDL Founders: Rich Curtner, Darrel Gardner, Andrew Lambert, Steve Wells
2012: James Christie
2013: Joy Hobart
2014: Dan Lowery
2014: Julia Moudy
2015: Wally Tetlow
2015: John Bernitz
2016: Andy Pevehouse
2016: Bill Oberly (AKACDL’s first non-member/public service award)
2017: Kevin Fitzgerald
2017: Phil Shanahan
2017: Greg Razo (non-member award)
2018: Ben Muse
2018: Megan Newport (non-member award)

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