AKACDL was founded in 2009 by four Anchorage defense attorneys, and its growth was greatly assisted by the help of a number of “Founding Members” who made a special $500.00 dues payment during the first year of AKACDL’s existence. Below is a list of the Founders and Founding Members of AKACDL. Thank you!

Founders conceived, planned, and created AKACDL in 2009, and each contributed $500 to start up the association. Founding Members helped to grow the organization in its first year of existence by making a special $500.00 “Founding Membership” dues payment. Founders and Founding Members received a printed “Certificate of Founding Membership” in 2010. The AKACDL logo was created by Tina Adair.

Darrel Gardner
Rich Curtner
Andrew Lambert
Steve Wells

Founding Members
Samuel McQuery
David Weber
Herman Walker, Jr.
Eric Derleth
James Christie, III
Natasha Norris
Wally Tetlow
Rex Butler
Keri Brady
Rob Herz
Phil Shanahan
Sid Billingslea
Leslie Hiebert
John Murtagh
Ken Covell
Cynthia Strout
Fred Slone
William Walton
Adam Bartlett